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This is a blog dedicated and for those who have fallen in love with the Bengal breed. I welcome you to browse through the fun Bengal topics and share your stories as I'd love to hear about your special bengals or how much you would love to have one. This is an open community to all Bengal Enthusiasts!

I do wish to be clear, I'm not a veterinarian, a specialist, or even a breeder (yet), just a simple Bengal owner so none of the information provided in this site is meant to be used in any way other than informational and for entertainment purposes. If you have concerns about your Bengal please speak to your veterinarian or breeder.

Bengal Rescue – The Other Way to Get a Bengal

Who doesn’t want a beautiful exotic Bengal cat? The problem is a good Bengal from a reputable breeder averages $1800 and up.  A high quality Bengal from a winning lineage (on the cat competition circuit) can start at $3000, for a pet!  Few can afford the luxury of having a Bengal but there is another […]

Toyger Cats

Toygers breed was started by the daughter of the breeder that created the Bengal cat (a domestic cat bred with an Asian Leopard cat).  She bred the Bengal with different domestic short hair cats till the cats started result in tiger stripes and colouring. The Toyger, in all intents and purposes, is a Bengal just […]

Cheetoh Cats

Cheetoh’s are a relatively new breed of cat.  They started with a Bengal as a base and bred it with an Ocicat.  The two spotted cats created a cat that looks like a Cheetah.  The cats tend to actually be a bit bigger than a Bengal, gained from the Ocicat lineage but have the intelligence, […]

Eye Level with a Bengal

This is a great video as the creator of this video was able to keep the camera at ground level so you can watch Bengals at eye level which is really cool.  

Is My Cat a Bengal?

I have been quite active in the Facebook Bengal communities and sadly I’ve discovered the most hostile question you can ask is “is my cat a Bengal?”.  Sadly the anonymity of  internet allows Bengal Elitists to hate on anyone who dared asked this question.  There are those that believe that you don’t have a Bengal if you didn’t […]