Welcome to Crazy About Bengals!

This is a blog dedicated and for those who have fallen in love with the Bengal breed. I welcome you to browse through the fun Bengal topics and share your stories as I'd love to hear about your special bengals or how much you would love to have one. This is an open community to all Bengal Enthusiasts!

I do wish to be clear, I'm not a veterinarian, a specialist, or even a breeder (yet), just a simple Bengal owner so none of the information provided in this site is meant to be used in any way other than informational and for entertainment purposes. If you have concerns about your Bengal please speak to your veterinarian or breeder.

Finally a Bengal Webkinz!

My daughter was into the Webkinz craze during it’s peak and through birthdays and Christmases and with her allowance she managed to amass quite a few. She got one to represent both our tabbies, but last night she took out her collection just to look through them, after sitting in a bin for the last […]

Celebrities Like Bengals Too!

BengalCats.co just wrote an article that I thought was interesting about some celebrities that love Bengals as much as we do. Many stated they had dog like personalities and were good with traveling as their reasons to favour bengals and Nascar driver Ricky Rudd said his son is not allergic to them despite having severe […]

Are Bengal Cats Good For Kids?

I recently read the article at Pet MD Top Five Calm Cats for Kids and even though Bengals wouldn’t be considered “calm” I do think they make a great pet for kids. Firstly, I think the first debate is if a kid needs a calm cat….  Personally I think an active and vocal cat is […]

HCM in Bengals

It’s always good advice to make sure that the breeder you are buying your Bengal from has had the parents screened for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).  This is a heart condition that is hereditary in Bengals. Below is a YouTube video of a breeder getting one of her cats checked.

Your Cat Ate What?

Bengals unlike most cats have a diverse palate, or so I’ve learned.  Our two tabby cats will refuse most food that is not cat food with the exception of the odd piece of meat or canned tuna. They won’t even drink milk or eat cheese.  So just what my bengal cat would eat started to […]