Welcome to Crazy About Bengals!

This is a blog dedicated and for those who have fallen in love with the Bengal breed. I welcome you to browse through the fun Bengal topics and share your stories as I'd love to hear about your special bengals or how much you would love to have one. This is an open community to all Bengal Enthusiasts!

I do wish to be clear, I'm not a veterinarian, a specialist, or even a breeder (yet), just a simple Bengal owner so none of the information provided in this site is meant to be used in any way other than informational and for entertainment purposes. If you have concerns about your Bengal please speak to your veterinarian or breeder.

Bengals Do Love Water

Most cats run at the sound of any kind of water but Bengals are notorious for running to the water to play.  Cookie dislikes baths and dislikes standing in water but she will play with a dripping faucet for 20 or 30 minutes. Below is a great video of an F1 Bengal playing in a […]

Bengal Mythbusters

As I’ve been doing my research on Bengals at the various Bengal sites, blogs and organizations that I have come across I’ve noticed a trend in similar questions about people who seem to have bought into some of the myths that are out there.  Videos on You Tube like “Are You Sure You Want a […]

Day in the life of a bengal or two…

While searching around on facebook I found a Facebook page that let me to a blog for Spot the Bengal which shows the day to day activities of him and his sister a snow bengal and two other tabbies that hang around.  They are also show cats and adds some great insight into the showing […]

What is the Best Diet for a Bengal Cat?

Since Bengals do from a wild lineage many wonder if they need a special diet compared to traditional house cats. If you talk to different Bengal owners you will get a variety of answers as to what they feed their special guy or gal.  Some feed their cat normal cat food, others just canned food, […]

My Favourite Bengal Video on YouTube

There are a ton of videos on YouTube of cute Bengals doing everything from meowing to eating to tricks. Below is the video I like the most and one of the ones I watched a few times to view cat traits in general but also Bengal traits, I hope you find it as informative as […]