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Are Bengal Cats Good For Kids?

I recently read the article at Pet MD Top Five Calm Cats for Kids and even though Bengals wouldn’t be considered “calm” I do think they make a great pet for kids. Firstly, I think the first debate is if a kid needs a calm cat….  Personally I think an active and vocal cat is […]

Bengals Cats Love to Play!

Bengals have a wonderful sense of fearless curiosity. Our Cookie will greet any new person entering our house or investigate anything new, even if it’s not obvious that the object is new she knows and immediately will investigate it. I open with this because we bought our Christmas Tree last weekend and as soon as […]

For Bengal Lovers Everywhere

I’ve done a lot of research on Bengals over the past year since discovering the kitten we adopted was really a Bengal.  I’ve noticed there isn’t really a place on the internet for enthusiasts and owners and anyone else who loves  this breed to discuss how great this breed is. Well that has changed now […]