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What is the Best Diet for a Bengal Cat?

Since Bengals do from a wild lineage many wonder if they need a special diet compared to traditional house cats. If you talk to different Bengal owners you will get a variety of answers as to what they feed their special guy or gal.  Some feed their cat normal cat food, others just canned food, […]

Your Cat Ate What?

Bengals unlike most cats have a diverse palate, or so I’ve learned.  Our two tabby cats will refuse most food that is not cat food with the exception of the odd piece of meat or canned tuna. They won’t even drink milk or eat cheese.  So just what my bengal cat would eat started to […]

For Bengal Lovers Everywhere

I’ve done a lot of research on Bengals over the past year since discovering the kitten we adopted was really a Bengal.  I’ve noticed there isn’t really a place on the internet for enthusiasts and owners and anyone else who loves  this breed to discuss how great this breed is. Well that has changed now […]