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What’s Up With That Bengal Fur?

Bengal fur is by far their most amazing unique feature. Unlike other cat’s fur it’s considered more of a pelt, similar to a rabbit’s fur.  It’s very soft and has no thick undercoat. Bengal fur has a few distinct features: Either Rosetta patterning or Marble patterning Distinct facial markings Soft pelt like fur Glittering effect […]

Bengal Cats are Intelligent

My husband says it best, Bengals are the Border Collie of cats.  Border Collie’s are known for their high intelligence within the dog world,  but we’re not talking about the OCD, which I guess is what makes them such great herders, but their ability to listen, learn, think for themselves and figure things out. Bengals […]

For Bengal Lovers Everywhere

I’ve done a lot of research on Bengals over the past year since discovering the kitten we adopted was really a Bengal.  I’ve noticed there isn’t really a place on the internet for enthusiasts and owners and anyone else who loves  this breed to discuss how great this breed is. Well that has changed now […]