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Bengal Mythbusters

As I’ve been doing my research on Bengals at the various Bengal sites, blogs and organizations that I have come across I’ve noticed a trend in similar questions about people who seem to have bought into some of the myths that are out there.  Videos on You Tube like “Are You Sure You Want a […]

Day in the life of a bengal or two…

While searching around on facebook I found a Facebook page that let me to a blog for Spot the Bengal which shows the day to day activities of him and his sister a snow bengal and two other tabbies that hang around.  They are also show cats and adds some great insight into the showing […]

Finally a Bengal Webkinz!

My daughter was into the Webkinz craze during it’s peak and through birthdays and Christmases and with her allowance she managed to amass quite a few. She got one to represent both our tabbies, but last night she took out her collection just to look through them, after sitting in a bin for the last […]

For Bengal Lovers Everywhere

I’ve done a lot of research on Bengals over the past year since discovering the kitten we adopted was really a Bengal.  I’ve noticed there isn’t really a place on the internet for enthusiasts and owners and anyone else who loves  this breed to discuss how great this breed is. Well that has changed now […]