Your Cat Ate What?

Bengals unlike most cats have a diverse palate, or so I’ve learned.  Our two tabby cats will refuse most food that is not cat food with the exception of the odd piece of meat or canned tuna. They won’t even drink milk or eat cheese.  So just what my bengal cat would eat started to amaze me.

Now we don’t go out of our way to feed her these foods, most have been snuck as we forget to put things away.  We’re much more diligent about putting food away now than we were at first as we had no idea how far she would go out of her way for food, since we were spoiled with 2 cats that never ventured onto the counters and never really wanted what we ate.

So far to our knowledge we know Cookie has eaten the following foods:

  • popcorn
  • chips
  • cookies
  • bread
  • crackers
  • pizza (I’ll have go into detail on this a little later on
  • a variety of lunch meats
  • a variety of meats
  • tofu
  • soy hamburgers
  • cereal
  • rice
  • butter (complete with nose prints)

And it doesn’t stop there she will eat her veggies too!

  • green beans
  • onions
  • brussel sprouts
  • broccoli
  • green pepper

I’m sure there is more she’s gotten into in those early days before we knew she snuck on the counters.  The first indication she snuck onto the counters was when we ordered pizza and left the boxes on the counter as we ran out to our various activities.  When we came home one box was on the floor, opened and a corner was eaten out of one of the slices in the box.  Sure enough we knew it had to be cookie.  Funny enough she ate the bread and not so much the cheese and meat toppings.

We’ve been very diligent to put things away right away now and have spent the last year training her not to go on the counters but new bengal owners beware…they will get into anything you have out on the counters!

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