Bengals Cats Love to Play!

Bengals have a wonderful sense of fearless curiosity.

Our Cookie will greet any new person entering our house or investigate anything new, even if it’s not obvious that the object is new she knows and immediately will investigate it.

I open with this because we bought our Christmas Tree last weekend and as soon as she saw it she was all over it and under it sniffing and highly curious why the outdoors was suddenly indoors.  But then it got better, we added shiny things, dangley things, stringy things and essentially created a huge cat toy in her eyes.  Funny enough our two tabbies were terrified of the tree and only sniffed it after it had been in the house for a while.  It’s their 7th tree, so you think they would know it’s not going to harm them, as well they have no interest playing with the ornaments.  Our Bengal on the other hand had left ornaments in every corner of the house.  Her favourite so far are the icicle shaped ornaments, no surprise though as they are stick shaped and she loves sticks.

She finds the tree skirt makes a great bed and is her new favourite place to sleep.


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