Bengal Cats are Intelligent

My husband says it best, Bengals are the Border Collie of cats.  Border Collie’s are known for their high intelligence within the dog world,  but we’re not talking about the OCD, which I guess is what makes them such great herders, but their ability to listen, learn, think for themselves and figure things out.

Bengals I’ve found are very much like that. Cookie (our Bengal) clearly thinks differently than our 2 tabby cats.  She knows different cupboards hold different food and the fridge holds the really good stuff and if you aren’t giving her anything, she will lie down in front of the fridge to ensure she can stick her head in there and try to help herself.  Our 2 tabbies will simply hang out by the table to beg, but with Cookie you know which food she is begging for based on where she is within the kitchen.

Another thing, our 2 tabbies, will sleep on chairs even when it’s chilly in the house.  Cookie finds herself a register and has a nap over the hot air. (pictured above) Maybe she is a bit chillier without all that undercoat, still a smart thing to do when you are chilly and can’t exactly pull a blanket over yourself.

When our Bengal cat wants to play she has been known to drag her toy over to a family member.  Her favorite thing to drag is her long stick with fluffy feathers on the end or any kind of straw, stick like toys but she’s also brought balls, scrunched up paper and wrappers and anything else toy like.  The biggest problem is she likes to do this at about 3 or 4 in the morning when everyone’s asleep!

She’s also quite the escape artist.  While out in our newly fenced backyard our 2 tabbies seemed to look from some ways out but Cookie created her own ways out digging holes under the fence, but she didn’t just dig any hole, she found low spots and dug there.  She also found a loose board and was able to push it aside and slip into the neighbours yard.  After we sealed up and blocked off her 3 different spots she could escape from, she repeatedly checked them and knew exactly which board was loose and went to it directly.  Too bad she isn’t smart enough to realize I’ve nailed it back in and she has no hope of moving it 🙂

It’s fun to see what they will discover next and I’ve learned they will never stop amazing you and entertaining you.



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