What is the Best Diet for a Bengal Cat?

Since Bengals do from a wild lineage many wonder if they need a special diet compared to traditional house cats.

If you talk to different Bengal owners you will get a variety of answers as to what they feed their special guy or gal.  Some feed their cat normal cat food, others just canned food, others premium cat food, others supplement with home-made or raw meat as well.   So does owning a Bengal mean you have to have fresh raw meat for him or her to gnaw on, I don’t think so.

I’ve researched what breeders tend to recommend as well as some leading Bengal information sites and  they all seem to recommend a premium cat food and a mix of both dry and wet food.

Cat’s normally attain their moisture from their food and not so much from actually drinking instinctively so eating a purely dry food diet deprives them of this therefore it’s good for all cats to get a balanced diet of both dry and wet food.   A premium food (like the kind you get from a Pet Store and not the grocery store), although more expensive does offer better ingredients and is a healthier option.  Like the commercials I’m sure you’ve seen on TV things like gluttons and meat by-products rank high up in the list of ingredients it’s probably not a great product to feed your cats, liken it to feeding them McDonald’s every night.

When entering the world of premium cat food you will come across multiple brands but also food for indoor cats, over weight cats, senior cats, kittens, hairball control, improve skin and coat and on and on.  A little research goes a long way to choosing what will work best for your cat, as well if you have to consider other cats in addition to your Bengal.  Personally I prefer Blue Buffalo indoor (that’s a free plug as I’m not getting anything to indorse them) as it’s been a great food for both my Bengal as well as my tabbies.

You don’t need to feed your Bengal a crazy diet, but you do need to be sure you choose a good healthy brand of food and give them a both wet and dry food.

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