Finally a Bengal Webkinz!

My daughter was into the Webkinz craze during it’s peak and through birthdays and Christmases and with her allowance she managed to amass quite a few.

She got one to represent both our tabbies, but last night she took out her collection just to look through them, after sitting in a bin for the last couple of years and we realized we didn’t have one for our Bengal cat.  I wondered if by any chance there was a Bengal Webkinz now as there wasn’t before the fad died out.  Funny enough it only just came out in March of this year.  How did they miss out on such a wonderful coloured cat to only have them out now years after their peak? At least it is a Signature Webkinz, meaning it’s better material and larger than the standard Webkinz.  They did a pretty good job too, it looks a lot like the bengal hanging out on the right side of the screen.

Well I guess I have to complete the set, we can’t have one cat feeling left out  🙂

For complete info on it checkout



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