Are Bengal Cats Good For Kids?

I recently read the article at Pet MD Top Five Calm Cats for Kids and even though Bengals wouldn’t be considered “calm” I do think they make a great pet for kids.

Firstly, I think the first debate is if a kid needs a calm cat….  Personally I think an active and vocal cat is more likely to encourage interaction from children then a calm cat who is only going to sit with them while they read on a chair. As great as reading is, frankly kids need to get out of the chair more!  A vocal cat who runs around with funny antics is going to pull a kid in and encourage them to play with them and throw a ball, squeaky mouse or run around with a dangler behind them.  My own evidence in support of this is my bengal running around in a mad tear around the house or finding some new thing it thinks is a toy has on many occasions sucked both my children into getting down on the floor and playing with Cookie.  However, both tabbies never want to play and the children clearly interact with them less as a result.

Secondly, when looking at all breeds I think a Bengal should be at the top of that list as it’s a perfect balance between active and calm.  It’s active and encourages the kids to play with a more dog-like personality when it comes to interacting with people and children, but also has it’s cuddly time when it wants nothing more than to just curl up with you.


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