Since I was young I have always loved cats. My friends can attest to the number of tiger posters that covered the walls of my room. Or ask my husband and how I hounded him for over a year to allow us to get a cat for the kids as a pet and ended up with 2, a Tabby brother and sister combo.

Cookie Our Bengal Cat

When I had first heard about the Bengal breed I loved the idea of owning one but the price tag then ($3,000 and up) was just too much. Since then prices have come down as more people have fallen in love with this breed and dedicated themselves to breeding them, but I happened across my Bengal purely by fate!  In September of 2010 my husband and I ran into a PetSmart for some supplies only to be greeted by cages of kittens from the SPCA adoption drive.  Alone in the cage was a tiny little kitten with the most remarkable marble patterning.  Her papers said she was a marble tabby (Bengals long forgotten in my mind , I never clued in this was a trait of Bengals).  Once I picked her up she wouldn’t stop licking me and purring and my husband turned to me and said “we’re not getting out of here with out her are we?”.

After bringing Cookie home and getting her and our other 2 cats settled to her presence we started to notice things about her that were different but it wasn’t until our first vet visit that confirmed she could be a Bengal.  Once we started to research all the different personality and physical traits of Bengals (as discussed here), we realized she was indeed 100% Bengal.  We don’t know what F level or how on earth she ended up with the SPCA at 7 weeks old but we don’t really care, she’s our Bengal Girl and our family became Crazy About Bengals.